Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jay Z : Barclay's Arena Performance

                 Jay Z : Can't Stop Wont Stop 

Jay Z aka Sean Carter has never fallen off his game; from music to business and now crossing into the sports world, he can do no wrong. Moving the Nets from their native land of NJ to BK was  a huge move and was not to be taken lightly.

However for the first time since 1957, there is a professional sports team back in the borough of Brooklyn and this is largely thanks to Jay Z and his forward thinking and aggressive swagger. 

Jay Z is no stranger to the spotlight, having  played on many different stages in front of millions of fans, but there's just something special about being in your own hometown, on your own stage in your own arena. That's just what Mr. Carter did turning the Barclay's center into a scene outta "Fade To Black" which was one of Jay Z's biggest accomplishments selling out Madison Garden back in 04. 

He performed some of his most renowned classics " Dead Presidents" & "Can I Live" sparking a fire in all who were present in the arena. This "eight day residency" was a marketing plow designed to fill the seats and get fans and supporters excited for the coming BK Nets season. 

The show is far from being over, HOVA is planning to team up with  long time friend and collaborator Chris Martin ( lead singer of the band Coldplay) to bring an end of the year celebration for a very special Brooklyn New Year's Eve. Jay Z & Coldplay are set to take the BK stage at Barclay's arena December 31.This news comes direct from Hova's Life and Time's website.       

As mentioned before Jay Z has been hard at work performing for his city and for fans of both himself and the Nets earlier this fall. Coldplay has also agreed to take the stage December 30 with band Natural 7 as their opening act. These two acts will mark the first time that Coldplay has performed live in NYC since 05, so you can best believe they are set to do it right. 

Brooklyn Celebrating The New Year in Style 
BK BRAWLING......................

Jay Z : Barclay\'s Arena Performance

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