About Geeked Out

Chris Wilson- CEO/Panda Enthusiast

Geeked Out is an independent company highlighting everything that matters to Geeks from Art, Politics, Music, Style and Technology. We offer our irreverant take on all of these. In the past we have offered Tech News and are rapidly expanding our content base.

Geeked Out Electronics was founded in August 2011 in Missouri. We are commited to providing quality content and are expanding and evolving the site every day. Most of all we are commited to having fun doing it.

Our goal is to be your one stop shop for everything Geeked Out and hope to build an enriching community for all our Geeks.

Go forth and Geek Out!

Jeremiah Palmeri
CMO / VP Sales & Marketing

My primary focus is to enlighten & educate those who might have fallen off the beaten path; with my primary focus pertaining to Music, The Arts & The Ever Growing World of Fashion.

Much Love to all our readers.....
          Stay tuned for the revolution.....

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